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US man is 'medical mystery' after anti-depressant drug changes skin colour from white to dark grey

A man has the medical profession scratching their heads after a 'mystery' reaction to a commonly prescribed drug changed his skin colour from white - to dark grey. Tyler Monk, 34, was prescribed an anti-depressant last year after consulting a doctor for his mental health. But the treatment failed to help his mental health - but did change the colour of his skin. Tyler was given Fluoxetine, a type of antidepressant known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), that is commonly prescribed to treat depression. He started taking the drug in May 2021, but within a week Tyler’s wife, Emily, 28, noticed that his skin colour was changing. Tyler, a pest control field inspector, stopped the medication after only a few weeks as it wasn’t helping his mental health, but his skin continued to darken. First, his ears started to change colour before it rapidly spread to his neck and his face - before effecting his arms and hands. Tyler also experienced other symptoms such as extremely red, irritated eyes and his skin is now very sensitive to the sun and it feels like it has been burned. He admits to being ‘in denial’ at first, but after speaking to two of his co-workers, Tyler accepted he was actually turning grey. Tyler has visited several specialists near the couple's home in Kinder, Louisiana, USA, since the discolouration, but they have all been stumped. Doctors have ruled out any serious diseases, poisoning and autoimmune conditions - but they still can't tell the monks what is causing the problems. Tyler's dermatologist has now referred him for an appointment with a team of eight skin specialists, which is an exciting breakthrough in a seemingly unsolvable case. Ahead of his visit with the specialists, Tyler is due to receive a CAT scan of his abdomen and new rounds of blood work. He said: "First they thought it was photosensitivity, so I'm having a reaction to light, but I've been covering up and I'm still getting darker. “I can’t get any answers from the specialists so we decided to post on TikTok. We thought that it couldn’t hurt to share online, so let's see if by some chance anyone else out there has had this happen or maybe has some answers for us. “It’s mainly been supportive! People have made lots of jokes. But we joke a lot so we just laugh along with them!”

Pfizer files for US approval for Omicron booster for kids

Pfizer and BioNTech have asked United States health officials to authorize their Omicron-targeting Covid booster vaccine for children aged 5 to 11, the companies said Monday. This new generation of anti-Covid vaccines targets both the original strain of coronavirus and the BA.4 and BA.5 lineages, the subvariants of Omicron that are causing more than 90% of infections in the United States.

7 Beauty Supplements to Turn Back the Clock From the Inside Out

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Topical treatments to help reduce signs of aging (like fine lines and wrinkles) are great, but you can also help your skin from within by taking a beauty supplement! Specific vitamins, minerals and other ingredients may help promote a more r...

Urgent recall of Tesco’s popular chocolate bar due to health hazard

Oat M!lk Chocolate Bars (80g), which are sold at Tesco have been urgently recalled by food safety authorities in the UK due to it having an undisclosed ingredient.

These Ridiculous Diet and Food Ads From the 80s and 90s Will Actually Shock You

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Disturbing consequences of eating avocados

You’ve heard that avocados are supposedly the reason that millennials are killing the housing industry, and everyone has been hit over the head numerous times with the various health benefits of the good fats in the buttery fruit. Not many are aware, however, that the true cost of an avocado is much higher than the US$1.50 you pay for extra guacamole. From destroying ecosystems and expediting climate change, to fueling drug cartels and gang violence, the avocado has become quite the controversial berry (that's right, berry). Check out the gallery to see the surprising and disturbing effects of the breakfast staple you love.

8 Little Changes You Can Make to Sleep Better in Just One Day

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COVID-19 Boosters "Well-Tolerated" In Pregnant & Nursing Women

Majority of participants did really well, and they actually reported that they had less severe reactions than they did with their initial shots.

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Study Shows How Breakthrough COVID Infections Can Benefit Your Body

A new study published has found that breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals may offer benefits when it comes to protection against COVID-19 subvariants.

8 Anxiety Myths You Can Stop Believing Today

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Condoms, toothpaste, denture cream among 47 more products recalled from Family Dollar

Improper storage creating unsafe products caused the recall of six varieties of Colgate oral healthcare and 41 over-the-counter health products, including condoms, sold in Family Dollar stores. According to the company-written, FDA-posted recall notices, the products were stored outside of their required temperatures, then ”inadvertently shipped to certain stores on or around May 1, 2022 ...

You can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and lose the weight for good at Prolean Wellness

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5 Easy-to-Grow Lettuce Varieties to Plant in Your Garden—and How to Care for Each

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Queen Elizabeth’s 10 Daily Habits That Helped Her Live 96 Years

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The Chemical That Gives Matcha Its Natural Sweetness

Matcha is a tea made from powdered green tea leaves. Many people enjoy it for its naturally sweet flavor, which happens to be the result of this amino acid.

What are the worst pains that humans can suffer?

Pain threshold can vary from person to person, but there are some conditions suffered by humans which are so excruciating that it can bring even the toughest to their knees. We're not talking about just stubbing your toe, or hitting your head, but instead about serious diseases and conditions, which can cause acute pain. See what these conditions are by clicking through the gallery!

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Selma Blair Exudes Empowerment & Joy in New Photos With Her Cane

Selma Blair is the picture of empowerment and joy in the series of new photos she shared on her Instagram. Boldly embracing the cane she has used since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018, Blair posed with the aid for a series of powerful shots that are as poignant as they are playful.

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5 'Chinese' Foods No One Eats in China

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ATV accidents have killed thousands of U.S. kids

Every hour, four kids go to U.S. emergency rooms for injuries sustained in an ATV accident, while more than 3,000 have been killed as a result of those accidents, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

CIA doctor investigating Havana syndrome was of a victim of it himself: ‘I couldn’t believe it’

CIA doctor investigating Havana syndrome was of a victim of it himself: ‘I couldn’t believe it’ - Injuries were first reported in 2016

Where Is Lisa Ebberson From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Lisa Ebberson is a recent addition to "My 600-Lb Life," and after many setbacks, it's natural for fans to wonder what she's up to now.

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Post Malone hospitalized with 'stabbing pain' and difficulty breathing

Post Malone hospitalized with 'stabbing pain' and difficulty breathing Post Malone fans are sending their well-wishes after he was hospitalized with difficulty breathing. The rapper took to social media on Saturday to announce his concert scheduled for Boston that evening was canceled after he woke up that day to "cracking sounds on the right side"...

Amazon's Early Access Sale Will Have Tons of Editor-Approved Treadmill Deals

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I was hypnotized by the Four Seasons Hotel's 'resident healer' and was pleasantly surprised by the eccentric $285 treatment. Here's what it was like.

I'd choose to spend $285 at the Four Seasons spa on being hypnotized by a professional healer over a massage that costs the same amount.

15 Signs You May Have Already Had Covid-19, Doctors Reveal

By now, we've all known someone who's had Covid-19. Were you infected without realizing it? Here's what the experts say you should look for if you think you've been infected. The post 15 Signs You May Have Already Had Covid-19, Doctors Reveal appeared first on The Healthy.