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New York City opens the country's first official center for drug users to shoot up safely to prevent overdose deaths

On the first day of operations, staff at the East Harlem and Washington Heights centers saw more than 70 people and reversed two overdoses.

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Comedian Kathy Griffin is now cancer-free, but her lung cancer treatment left her with this lingering and surprising side effect.

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The "Unforgivable" star talked about raising her kids, son Louis and daughter Laila, on the latest episode of "Red Table Talk" on Facebook Watch.

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What Is Cardiac Angiosarcoma, the Cancer That Killed Fashion Designer Virgil Abloh?

Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer who bridged streetwear and luxury, died on Sunday from cardiac angiosarcoma at age 41.

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Jessica Simpson Shows off 100-Pound Weight Loss After Celebrating Four Years of Sobriety

Jessica Simpson is radiating confidence in her latest Instagram posts, which come after her 100-pound weight loss and four years of sobriety.

I was diagnosed with liver cancer and kidney failure. Treatment took a huge toll on my body, but rowing helped me rebound.

After treatment for her cancer left her body weak, the author took on rowing to gain some strength. She's now hooked on the workout.

5 Newly Announced Food Recalls to Check Your Kitchen For ASAP

The recalled items were sold at H-E-B and other grocery stores.

This Heartburn Medication Raises Your Dementia Risk 44 Percent, Study Says

According to a study, taking proton pump inhibitors as heartburn medication could considerably raise your dementia risk.

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If you're eager to shed a few pounds, these are the best soup combinations for weight loss, according to experts.

30 Foods You Didn't Know Could Kill You


How the shocking death of Virgil Abloh is sparking important discussions on Black men's health

The recent, and many times unexpected, deaths of high-profile public figures is shining a light on how Black men are an underserved demographic.

This Cancer-Causing Substance Was Just Found in Spinach Sold Nationwide

The dangerous heavy metal cadmium has been found in samples of spinach sold at Target, Trader Joe's, Safeway, and others.

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Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana, Says Science

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30 Things American Parents Do That Would Shock the Rest of the World

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The Coziest Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

While some of us absolutely thrive in the winter (bye, sweaty season!), some do not. No matter how many thick wool sweaters, scarves, and socks you layer on, your body just refuses to warm up. But if you think you have to live the rest of your life freezing your toes off — just

A Run Coach Shares How to Build a Bigger Booty With This Incline Walking Workout

The treadmill may not be your favorite piece of exercise equipment, but you might be swayed after hearing about its effectiveness.

Dr. Fauci Said Do This Now to Protect Against the New Variant

"There are some concerning aspects about what the molecular profile of the virus is, but we really need to fill in the gaps," Dr. Fauci said.

The Worst Drinking Habits for High Cholesterol After 50

As you get older, avoid these habits to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

The #1 Causes of Bad Health After 60, Says Science

The #1 Causes of Bad Health After 60, Says Science

General Mills Is Releasing These 8 New Cereals

General Mills just introduced eight new cereals, which include updated takes on three of the most popular cereals in America.

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The Rock's 6,000 calorie a day diet includes buffalo, eggs, and salmon

The Rock eats six meals a day to support his physique, including staples like chicken and rice along with cheat meals that include sweets and burgers.

Garnier's Vitamin C Micellar Water Is Drew Barrymore's Secret to Simple Skincare

Best of all, it’s only $7.

How Omicron Stacks Up Against the Delta Variant—Including Whether or Not We'll Need a New Vaccine

How the two compare, according to the WHO and health professionals.

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The Mr. Olympia and World's Strongest Man winners exchanged arm day tips in a recent video.

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Rebel Wilson has made it all the way to Fiji where she's been posting on Instagram as the island's new ambassador showing off her weight loss.

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Strength training means more than picking up heavy gear and putting it back down. Here’s when light weights come in handy.